Alpaca Yarn - Black 100g 8 ply

100% NZ Alpaca Yarn – Natural Jet Black 100g ball, 8 ply
100% NZ Alpaca Yarn luxuriously soft, warm and lightweight. A fine, durable yarn with a silky lustre.
Jet Black  – Undyed.
The softness of alpaca fibre is unsurpassed –  Ideal for, scarves, gloves, ‘snoods’, wraps, jerseys.
Alpaca can be used wherever you would use sheep wool, and the finished article will be lighter, softer, and warmer. Alpaca has partially hollow fibres, providing excellent insulative properties whilst remaining lightweight. It also has superb strength and is hard wearing. Alpaca is 30 percent warmer than the same weight merino garment and is four times more abrasion resistant than merino. It does not retain water, is thermal even when wet and can resist solar radiation effectively.

Alpaca is hypoallergenic – it does not contain lanolin nor is it “prickly” like sheep’s wool can be, so once washed it is suitable for use by most allergy sufferers. Alpaca does not tear, pill, stain, itch, or create static.

No wonder the Incas called it ‘the fibre of the gods’.

Black dye is the most toxic dye – with this Alpaca undyed yarn it’s possible to have that gorgeous item in black - absolutely toxic-free!

The farmer at Heartland Alpacas loves her alpacas – there is deep commitment to the welfare of every animal. We can even provide you with a photo and name of the alpaca your yarn comes from.

Price: $30.00