A Guide to Child Health

This is a must-have guide for parents of young children. A valuable investment in child health, from conception and birth up to adolescence.

Author : Michaela Glockler and Wolfgang Goebel

ISBN : 9780863156069

Publisher : Floris Books

Pages : 480

Format : Paperback

The long-awaited revised and updated edition of this classic guide to children’s physical, psychological and spiritual development, combining medical advice with questions of upbringing and education.

The authors base their theory and practice on seventeen years’ experience in the children’s out-patient department of the Herdecke Hospital in Germany which is run on anthroposophical lines. These children and their parents with their worries, questions and problems provided the basic material and motivation for the book.
The first part covers childhood ailments and home-nursing. The second part looks at the healthy development of the child and how to create the best conditions for it. In the third part the authors go more deeply into questions of upbringing and education with their consequences for later life. Typical situations of conflict and crisis are discussed together with possible solutions.
This edition also refers to medical and health practices in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

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